Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been shown to be highly effective at treating psychological problems.

It works on the idea that what you think creates what you feel and what you feel drives how you behave. So what this means often is that patterns of negative thoughts get triggered off, which then cause a change in mood or an increase in anxiety. This leads to unhelpful behaviours that tend to reinforce the negative thinking. This creates a viscous circle that you get caught up in. Often you can realise it is happening but still can't stop it!


CBT will first help you to understand the problem by breaking it into these parts. It then teaches you the tools and techniques to change the way you think and behave to improve the way you feel. It is similar to getting physically fit. The trainer shows you how to do the most effective exercises gradually increasing them to get you to  become stronger and more resilient. This method has been proven to work with almost everyone. The treatment is usually brief, 5 to 20 sessions depending on the severity of the problems.


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